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the story behind our new company name & identity

13 September 2016

Loan Ranger is now enably

Today is a big day for us. It’s the day we launch our new name and identity after months of planning and we’re very excited that we can now share it with our customers.

why did we rebrand?

Loan Ranger launched in 2013, and three years in, we now know more about who we are and how we want to evolve in the rapidly growing personal lending industry. With a new CEO and leadership team, we’re ready to take the organisation to the next level and we believe now is the right time to rebrand to give us the best opportunity for success.

When Loan Ranger was founded, the name was chosen because it referenced the knight in shining armour, focussed on helping people in a time of need.

The essence of our business remains unchanged — we’re here to help our customers first and foremost. The change for us hasn’t just been about a new logo and name, but has been the catalyst to evolve the organisation. We want to stand out from the crowd, and our new name and identity gives us the opportunity to do this.

We’ve made significant changes to the way we lend money; we’re now offering larger loan amounts, longer repayment periods and providing our customers with the chance to select their repayment period. Our customers are in control about how they borrow money from us.

how we did it

The process of rebranding taught us a lot of things, not only about our customers and what they’re looking for in personal lending, but also provided us with the chance to look inwards and clearly define the strengths we bring to the table, along with identifying the type of company we want to be as we move into the next phase.

We engaged a brand designer to take us on a journey to understand our business objectives, the value we offer our customers and the approach we take to customer service and technology.

Over a period of a couple of months we participated in workshops and interviews, conducted a customer survey and spent a lot of time thinking about the organisation we wanted to be, always being mindful of what is most important to customers.

introducing enably

Our customers are important to us, but we’re realistic about what we mean to our customers. We uncovered an insight that helped guide us through the process… when customers seek out a loan, they do it with an end goal in mind — the loan allows our customers to achieve that goal. We are the facilitators in the process, so we want to make the experience of applying and obtaining a loan as easy and seamless as possible.

We are facilitators, and we enable our customers to achieve their goals.

Hence the name, enably.

what our new name & brand means

Our name enably encapsulates the notion of a facilitator with the focus on the outcome and what we help our customers to achieve, whether it’s a one off purchase or expense, day to day living costs or a holiday.

Our positioning statement of ‘Your Loan, Your Way’ reflects the changes that we’ve made to the way we lend. We’ve designed our loans with our customers in mind and we put them in control, where in most cases they can choose a loan term that’s suitable for them.

We believe the icon is simple and memorable and can be associated with a good time or a big emotion, the result of the loan.

We hope you like it.

Feedback is welcome at hello@enably.com.au

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