Student Loans

Do you have an education expense that needs to be paid immediately?

Whether you’re studying and need extra funds to cover your tuition fees or books or a parent needing some help with the next term’s fees, a loan from enably may help.

It seems that education costs continue to grow every year however the real cost of education can include more than just school tuition fees. These additional costs may include:

  • School uniforms
  • Extracurricular or sporting activities
  • Excursions or class trips
  • Stationery
  • Computer and other technology

It can sometimes be difficult to plan for all of the additional costs, especially if you already have a budget planned every month.

Sometimes a loan can help provide cash in advance to assist with covering the additional costs. We offer quick, online, easy cash advances for help in paying education costs or expenses. Borrow between $2,001 to $20,000.

Fast approval

Once your application has been completed, we will assess your details as well as your capacity to repay. Most customers will receive a decision within minutes of completing their application.

Funds deposited same day as approval

Once approved, we’ll deposit your funds on the same day, so you can get access to your money as soon as possible. Clearance times may vary based on who you bank with but the majority of our customers receive their funds the same business day.