Bond Loans

So you’ve found your dream rental property, and you just need a bit of extra cash to secure ownership and seal the deal. However, you may not have the funds to pay your rental bond upfront. If you’re in a position where you aren’t able to come up with the extra cash for the bond, consider a rental bond loan so you don’t risk missing out on that perfect house, apartment, or unit.

A bond loan is a security deposit paid by the tenant for renting a property. The bond is set aside to protect the landlord and is usually paid back if there are no additional costs that arise from unpaid rent or property damage.

When you need the cash on hand immediately for your bond, rely on enably. We provide bond assistance of up to $20,000 to eligible applicants in VIC, NSW, QLD, and right across Australia. Simply fill out our four-step online application process, which only takes 10 minutes, and the cash for part – or all – of your bond deposit can be in your bank account same day in most cases. Once you’ve been approved, funds are transferred within the hour.

Quick bond assistance for Australians

At enably, we believe in an honest and ethical approach, which is why there are no gimmicks, no hidden fees, or fine print – our simple online bond loan process means that you can apply any time, wherever you are in Australia. In most cases, you can obtain a decision within minutes as our team operates under extended business hours for your convenience.

Need a bond loan fast but worried you might have bad credit? As responsible lenders, when you apply we assess your circumstances and offer an amount that’s realistic and affordable for you to repay. When you submit your bond loan application, we use a simple and safe provider called to access your transactional history. You will be asked for your online banking log-in details, but we will never see or store this information. It’s the safest, most straightforward way to get your bond loan.

Unique repayment options for your bond loan

We want you to receive the very best solution to ensure a positive outcome, which is why we offer you a loan repayment term that suits your budget and lifestyle. When you borrow over $1,000, you’re in complete control of selecting your loan repayment term, so you can be comfortable with the repayment amount.

Our bond loans are designed to help make your life easier and get you into your new place sooner. We understand that moving between homes can be extremely stressful, so when you apply for a bond loan with enably, you’re also getting the peace of mind that allows you to focus on the more exciting aspects of your move. Whether you’re in Brisbane, VIC, NSW, QLD or beyond, we can assist with your bond loan to make the process of securing you next home that much easier.

Ready to apply? We offer bond loans of up to $20,000. It only takes a moment to find the best solution for your bond finance. Get started with your online application today.