5 tips to maximise your travel dollars

Posted by enably on 17 November 2016
A woman photographing a temple

Most of us wait all year to enjoy just a week or two of relaxation and fun. More than ever before, it’s important to find ways of getting away that don’t break the bank. We've pulled together a couple of tips that will help you ensure you have a wonderful time away, without breaking the bank.

1. Be practical when choosing accommodation

Unless you plan on staying indoors most of the time, your accommodation will really only serve as a place for you to sleep at night. When looking for a spot to stay, opt for a place that is clean, comfortable and affordable. In most cases, there’s no need for a 4 or 5-star hotel – you’ll pay for all the perks and have less money to explore. Taking an affordable accommodation option will mean you’re likely to have more funds available to have fun and explore with.

2. Cut the food bill in half

Without some careful planning, one of the biggest expenses on a trip away can be food. Buying three meals a day could severely eat into your spending money (pun intended!). Try selecting a hotel that has an included breakfast and fill up in the morning on what’s included with your accommodation. Accommodation that offers a full kitchen is great, however just a refrigerator and microwave can be helpful. Another trick is to eat out during lunch and have dinner at your hotel room – if you’ve got the amenities in your room mentioned above, all you need to do is buy some things at the supermarket. If that’s not something you’re into (after all, holidays are about enjoying), eating out before 4 pm can be a great way to save as restaurants can put up their prices for dinner menus.

3. Save on transport

Before you leave home, take the time to compare the cost of flights to ensure you’re getting the best deal. If you’re flexible with when you travel, look out for specials on flights and book when there’s a sale. Outside of sale times, flight comparison websites can help you to pick the best option for the dates you want to travel. When you’re at the destination, opt for public transport over car hire to make some big savings

4. Become coupon savvy

Local guide books will often contain coupons for savings on local attractions such as tours, dining, shopping and attractions. Be sure to check out local guides or do your research before you go to get access to the savings on your planned activities. Alternatively, some tourist attractions offer significant savings on entry costs outside of peak times. If you’re planning to visit an amusement park, sometimes you could save up to half of the ticket price by visiting after 5pm. Plan to do your free activities during the day and head to the amusement park later when queues are shorter and it’s more affordable to enter. This way you can do more without impacting the quality of your holiday.

5. Look out for free activities

Almost every destination in the world will have free activities for you to explore. If you’re by the beach, you don’t need much more to keep you entertained than what mother nature has provided. If you prefer the mountains, you can go to parks and view stunning sights for free too. Museums and historic sites also offer great opportunity to experience the local culture. Walking tours in big cities can be a great way to explore. Be sure to do your homework to ensure you don’t have to pay a bundle to have fun.