About Us

your loan, your way

Our mission is to provide simple & straightforward loans that enable you to get on and do the things that are important in life. We recognise that each of our customers has a unique set of circumstances, and we take the time to understand these so that we can genuinely help without putting you under any unnecessary financial pressure.

We were established in 2013 and have funded over 50,000 loans since then. We recently changed our name to enably and while there are a lot of changes to the way we lend money, the customer service that you’ve come to expect from us remains unchanged.

Our loans are used for a variety of reasons, and along the way we’ve learned that everyone’s situation is unique. Based on this insight, we’ve formulated a lending product that’s truly different and completely flexible to your needs — your loan, your way.

Our philosophy is that our customers need cash in a hurry; so we’re here to facilitate that process in the easiest and quickest way whilst always ensuring we lend responsibly. Our utmost priority is in ensuring that we don’t put anyone under financial pressure as a result of taking a loan with us.

our values

We’re committed to ensuring our customers find us friendly and easy to deal with every time. It’s important to us that our loans are easy to understand and transparent - we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. Our values guide us and underpin everything that we do, both internally and externally.

no hidden agendas

We’re transparent & clear We speak in plain English We understand your situation

we’re flexible

We don’t follow conventional rules We’re flexible whenever possible We believe life’s about balance

you can rely on us

We’re consistent in our approach We do what we say We deliver solutions, not problems

we’re here for you

We put customers first We’re here to help We’re friendly and caring

our loans

Our loans are designed to give you flexibility and choice. We offer loans of $2,001 to $20,000 for repayment periods ranging from 61 days to 24 months. If we believe your requested loan amount places too heavy a demand on your finances, we’ll offer you a more manageable amount.

Where possible, we’ll let you choose your loan duration, which means you’re in control of selecting the repayments that will best suit you.

Want to choose smaller repayments over a slightly longer loan period? No problem.

Prefer slightly higher repayments so that you can get the loan paid off sooner? That’s also OK.

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